When is the best time to travel to Barbados?

Most of the popular events and the nonstop partying begins the Wednesday before Grand Kadooment Weekend; we call this Crop Over Las’ Lap. So if you don’t want to miss these events, book your flight for around that time.


Where are the best places to stay?

Most persons usually stay at the hotels located on the South Coast of the island and while there are many great places to stay in Barbados, we highly recommend Sugar Bay Barbados Resort and Bougainvillea Beach Resort. Both are nestled along the gorgeous, highly active South Coast of Barbados and offer an affordable home away from home experience. 


What is the distance from the South Coast of the island to the Kadooment starting point?

Roughly 11 km (7 miles) with an average travel time of 15 to 20 minutes in good traffic. The average taxi fare is $15 to $20 USD.


What currencies are accepted in Barbados?

US currency is widely accepted across the island with an unofficial exchange rate of $1 USD = $2 BBD. Officially the rate is $1 US = $1.98 BBD but recently there has been an additional 2% FX fee.


Where can I purchase tickets for the various Crop Over events?

First try sourcing tickets online at Ticketpal, TicketLinkz or Island E-Tickets. If the particular events are not listed on these sites, then the next step would be to go to the social media page of the event you wish to attend and see if ticket information is listed there. If all else fails, contact the event promoters directly via e-mail, social media messaging or calling any listed numbers. 


What is Foreday Morning?

While similar to J’ouvert in design, Foreday Morning is unique to Crop Over. It occurs in the wee hours of the Saturday morning of Grand Kadooment weekend. Bands meet at different points in Bridgetown and follow various routes to the end point, Spring Garden Highway.


What are the Foreday Morning band options and where can I find information on registration?

Foreday Morning band options are vast. Stay tuned to our Facebook page as we will provide a complete list of the registered bands as well as photographs of the packages offered and links to the Facebook page of each band where registration information can be obtained.


When is Kadooment Day usually held?

Kadooment Day is always on the first Monday in August, every year. So you don’t have to wait until the official word is given, you can plan your trip way in advance.


Can I make my own costume and jump in any band?

Nope! People who "revel" or enter a band without paying can be charged with an offence, which can result in a BBD $5000.00 fine or 6 months in prison or both. This applies to both Foreday Morning and Kadooment Day. 


What is the starting point for Kadooment bands?

Unlike other carnivals, there is only one starting point on Kadooment Day. Bands first parade through the National Stadium in a preselected, numbered order then follow an identical route across the island to the end point, Spring Garden Highway.


What is the length of the Kadooment route and how long does the jump last?

The Kadooment route is roughly 10 km (6 miles). It takes roughly 6 to 7 hours to complete the jump.


Is there a rest stop on Kadooment Day?

There’s no rest so be ready to dance and dingolay from the National Stadium straight to Spring Garden Highway.


What are some good places to visit after Kadooment Day?

Barbados has a wealth of beautiful places to explore! 



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