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Crop Over is here. Help us to help you. Patrons log on to Bazodee as a one stop shop. They want to see information about Crop Over events, be able to plan their season and also buy tickets. If you aren’t registered on the website then we can’t help you sell tickets. Got it?

Fill out the information, pay & submit. Your event will be hosted on our website, patrons will be able to see all the information about it and also where they can buy tickets. Help us to help you because when you give us the correct information, people can properly plan out their Crop Over season with your event on the list.


Please note all submissions will be reviewed by the Bazodee team.

All submissions have a calendar inclusion fee of $30 BBD/ $15 USD. 

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Please complete the form entirely and accurately. If you are not sure or you may change information later you can always put TBA and contact us later to change it.

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