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It's that time again and Crop Over will soon be here. Every year, Bazodee releases a Crop Over calendar. Without fail, every year, our calendar goes viral within no time. Brands have started to request our calendar earlier, some Bajans use it to plot their vacation days, visitors use it to plan their Crop Over, some companies use it as a reference point for where they need to be during the season and entertainment brands use it to figure out when best to debut a new event. Without a question, our calendar is invaluable and provides thousands of people with information about the Crop Over season. It has become THE de facto Crop Over Calendar. Crop Over hasn't truly started until you see a Bazodee calendar.

This year we look to produce one complete calendar, to be released for the season (as opposed to 4 and 5 revisions.) Once the calendar has been compiled that is it, no new additions. If you know you want your event to be included on our calendar, it's time to apply before entries close. The calendar on our social media channels will also be complemented with a calendar on our website which will provide people more information about the events, such as price, time, location and event type.

If you wish to submit an event to be included on our highly anticipated Crop Over 2019 #bazoCALENDAR you can fill out the form below.


Please note all submissions will be reviewed by the Bazodee team.

All submissions are subject to a calendar inclusion fee. 

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