Bajan Bite & Bazodee

Bajan Bite and Bazodee is what we like to call one explosive Bajan fusion!

Bringing to you the sweetest food fuh days of our little rock. Bajan Bite covers foods from all over the island with heartfelt reviews; while throwing in a recipe or two of traditional Barbadian recipes, and healthy ones too!

Your one-stop guide to hidden gems and widely enjoyed foods for locals is officially here. We celebrate our food culture, because it’s some of the best food in the worlddd!

Our Lickrish Faves for the Month!

Let’s first talk about one of the oldest island favourites, enjoyed from the youngest pickney to the sweetest granny. Each generation has an appreciation and genuine love for these little fish filled puffs of joy called Fish Cakes. Fish Cakes are no stranger to a Bajan’s palette – savory, crispy, fluffy and light! Packed with chunks of salt fish (cod) and fresh herbs, these little puff pastries are commonly found at almost every event in Bim. For the recipe to master these delectable little fish bites click here.

My go-to drink is, and forever will be Mauby. Refreshing. Tantalizing to my palate. A sweet taste of Barbados. It resonates nostalgia and happiness within me. Mauby can be made from either the tree bark or the syrup. If you ask almost any Bajan who enjoys this drink, what is their preferred Mauby syrup, they will tell you “Sweet and Dandy!”. Naturally, mauby is made from a type of Buckthorn tree called the Soldierwood or Mabi. The drink is made from the dried bark from the tree, by boiling it in water, then adding ingredients like spices and sugar. The taste of the drink isn’t comparable to another, but the after taste is definitely an acquired one for bitterness. 

Fun fact: Mauby is widely consumed throughout the Caribbean and carries different names. In Puerto Rico they call it Mavi, in Haiti and Dominican Republic - Mabi, and in the Virgin Islands - Maubi.

I honestly have to say that out of all the conkies in the whole of Buhbados...  these ones right here made by Petra, are the moistest, most flavourful and heavenly conkies I have ever tasted. Sold fresh and warm, Ms. Petra sells these beautiful tributes to our culture, every Sunday at New Dimensions Ministries after the church service. With every bite you can taste the coconut, the nutmeg, pumpkin, and sweet potato. All of the spices compliment each other perfectly in her signature blend, which never disappoint. Maintaining the tradition of wrapping the conkies in banana leaves, gives not only a beautiful presentation of the food but is also incredible for retaining and maximizing the flavours, in one compact wrapping. If you’ve never tried a conkie, I encourage you to try one of hers!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! 

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