Lickrish Faves for the Month - September

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Lickrish Faves for the Month!


We wanted to zoom in on some of the special treats that make our little island oh so sweet!



Coconut Bread or Sweet Bread as we locals refer to this pastry as, is one of the most traditional desserts of the Barbadian culture. Blessed in an abundance of fresh coconut, maraschino cherries, raisins and spices, this bread shaped pastry, is one of the most perfectly balanced coconut breads you will ever taste. I don’t know bout’ wunna, but I have had major difficulties in the past finding a decadent, freshly baked coconut bread with the moist, sweet coconut center filling – which most people don’t use anymore! If you want that extra punch of the cinnamon, nutmeg, and coconut gooey filling surprise, then we have introduced you to heaven on earth. Baked by professional pastry chef Janelle Mellowes, her bread will take your taste buds to heights beyond your imagination – yes, it’s that good! J



Tamarind, Sugar Cakes, and Guava Cheese oh my!


These are a few of our favorite candied snacks, which we like to indulge in.  They can all be found at almost every supermarket and drugstore.


As you may or may not know, sugar cakes can come in a wide variety of colours including red, green, pink, white, and brown to name a few. The brown and white are personally my favorite, but I think that’s just because I feel like I avoid the dye. These little “cakes” are mostly made of coconut and sugar; eating a little at a time goes a long way, as they are highly concentrated in sugar.


Tamarind balls are made from the tamarind fruit, and they also include the seeds! This unique candy is moulded into a ball and coated in white sugar. Sweet and tart at its best, yum!

Fun Fact: Did you know the tamarind fruit is scientifically called an indehiscent legume, which means it doesn’t open naturally at maturity, but remains closed.


Lastly to conclude, we have guava cheese. Guava cheese is smooth to taste, with a jelly-like texture. As the name suggests, this snack is highly concentrated with guava flavour from the guava fruit; which would be a delight to those looking for a candy made with less sugar.


Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!


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