Crop Over is coming! - Band Launch Season 2018

With 153 days until Kadooment 2018 and the conclusion of the Crop Over 2018 season, it's a shocker to discover that the sweetest day of the year is just around 5 months away. Crop Over bands are announcing dates left and right, with some breaking the mould by deciding to launch in March, when most bands traditionally launch in April or May.



With the increasing demand of Cropverites and carnival chasers from around the world, ready to push their money at bands, Crop Over bands have realised that they can no longer be lackadaisical and launch in late May or June and expect a band to meet punishing production demands in time for the first Monday in August. Bands have been forced to launch earlier to meet a demanding audience who expect nothing but the best from them. The problem is, when bands fail to meet demands or expectations,  the entire Crop Over product is damaged and everyone suffers. However, that is a different conversation for another time.



Crop Over 2018 looks to be a remarkable season. It is March and there is already a buzz in the air as the season begins to wind up. One of the main economic times of the year, many Barbadians look forward to Crop Over time in order to reap a bountiful harvest.Only time will tell yet if the bands will thrill or disappoint. Up first is Zulu International Inc. with their showcase on March 18th. With brand new designers on board for Crop Over 2018, we wait with bated breath to see what the first band out of the gates will present.