Bazodee Band Launch Bombshells

Every Band Launch Season we are inundated with beautiful faces and shapely bodies that strut down runways for all the various Kadooment Bands. Once upon a time, the staple of band launch season was the Baje Girls but now fresh new faces are popping up everywhere, bringing their own unique energy to the stage. 

For 2018, we take a look at the faces who stood out from the crowd, for one reason or another. It's good to see bands putting in the work and scouring the island for the fresh new faces to include in their lineup while giving young models a chance to walk on the big stage. Crop Over band launch season is testament to the fact that Barbados has some of the most beautiful women in the world.


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When a model knows how to walk and all her angles it's always a joy to see. This model was paired perfectly with her costume that glittered as she moved. It's no wonder she got snatched up by Omega Models. 


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The height, the walk and the perfect (fitness?) physique made sure this model stood out from the crowd. She was toned and ready like if she was planning to jump for Kadooment tomorrow.



Every year Colorz sets the bar when it comes to both full figured models and costumes. We love the fact that a band takes the time out to create costumes that are flattering and sexy for full-figured women while also finding the right model to pull it off. Once again Colorz hit the mark with both the costume and the model. It was a perfect pairing of beauty and design, with the model strutting confidently down the runway while oozing sex appeal in a gorgeous costume.  



Our picture doesn't do this model justice to properly showcase her unique look at the Colorz launch. What she lacked in height she made up for in everything else: the look, the walk, the attitude, the body and stage presence. Her long hair perfectly complimented her features and set her apart from the other models. Sadly that whole look was lost once they put her into a frontline costume. Still, she carried herself well and modelled her costumes with the right balance of strutting and dancing. 



We've been accused of being biased a number of times across the season but this is one time we will have to admit to it. Jeunessa worked with us previously and her showcase at Colorz shows that she's in fine form with no plans of stopping. Colorz was right to put this experienced model in a frontline section. As the older Bajans would say, we believe in a she. (translation - she can do no wrong/we support her 100%)



It's actually hard to choose which girl stands out from the lineup of the Erup models. Erup had the perfect range of skin colours, heights and gorgeous looks, while all brought poise, glamour and energy to the stage for the launch.

This model stands out because of her effervescent energy and excitement at the launch that was almost palpable. While she lacked the height, that intense energy combined with her unique look made her stand out during the showcase.




This tall stunner has everything: the look, the height, the face, the walk, the body, the attitude. She is the future of Crop Over band launch models and is what every model should aspire to be. She will definitely go far in the coming Band Launch Seasons and we can certainly see her ripping up a runway in an individual costume.. Erup is lucky they snatched her up first. 



This model worked her costume. She sold it! Not just her height, her look and her walk as well as perfectly executing her choreography, but she also showcased the hell out of her costume. She put that prototype through its paces to the point we wondered if it would shackle out midway. But the costume held together and we were impressed by the construction so the model definitely did her part to sell it. Kudos to her!



For a new band, Eunoia selected a fine crop of young models to showcase its first costume collection. Height, walk, stage presence and look definitely set this model out from the crowd, which was then augmented perfectly by pairing her look with a stunning costume. She definitely is one to watch.




Finally somebody got the memo: costumes can be done for full-figured women and be sexy. This model was the perfect addition to the costume: she could walk, she could dance, she looked amazing and she slayed the runway. What more could you possibly want?



She may be the anti-thesis to her bustier bandmate but she rocked the stage just as hard. This young model didn't let her small frame stop her from rocking the runway. She knew all her poses and angles and she worked the hell out of her costume.



This lithe young model's entire look was well put together. Her wonderful afro was a quietly powerful statement that set her out from the crowd of models at the launch. Combined with her look, her walk and her body, she was perfectly suited for the gorgeous costume she was wearing.




The goodly doctor really should have been the final act in Kontact's surprise individual lineup because she was the true showstopper that night. Her costume, body, height, walk, look and natural charisma sent the crowd into a frenzy at the launch.



Riddim Tribe dancers are the real winners every Crop Over. It makes sense; who wouldn't want a model who can walk, dance, move, knows their body and their angles? One thing for sure is that you can always be guaranteed to get a performance. 



Well really, who doesn't love Nandi? Riddim Tribe dancer meets Machel dancer meets Band Launch body. We were first impressed by her when she commanded massive stage presence without saying a word at the Yello Bashment Soca Finals 2017, in a Snap Brandy performance. Since then her star has continued to rise. It is Nandi and the Riddim Tribe dancers who are the true winners of Crop Over.



Zulu's latest model du jour is seemingly destined for success, having already made her way overseas to model for TRIBE in Trinidad. This leggy model brought new life to the stage as part of a mother-daughter model combo, in an attempt to rub their genetic superiority in our faces. They succeeded.

Of course we'll have to keep updating this page as the season goes one because not all the launches are finished and undoubtedly there will be more new faces to grace the runways.