Erup the Band Launch 2018

We know some of you are coming to read this review expecting heavy helping of shade, but we gaw brek wunna beaks cause the reality is we don't really have anything bad to say. Erup always delivers a good presentation at the band launches and an excellent road experience, so this presentation was no exception.

.Anyway let's get down to business.


Erup the Band launched its collection for Crop Over 2018, 'Hidden Treasures', last night at the historic George Washington House. Traditionally, Erup has consistently had well produced launches, usually with extravagant costumes to make even the most recalcitrant Cropoverite ready to jump. However, in its third year, it became clear that the band needed to go in a different direction if it expected to survive.

For this review, let's get straight down to brass tacks. As standard, we'll break it up into three sections:

  • The Ugly
  • The Bad
  • The Good
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The Ugly

After two years of doing shite wid de ppl money having struggles in their production line, Erup naturally realised that they would have to make some internal changes in order to finally be able to reap success. The internal group fractured after the first year and fractured again after the second year as it sought to pare down and streamline its operations. Hopefully with a new team on its hands, the band will finally be able to achieve the harmony it needs to succeed.

While this collection was a measured effort from Erup, marking a departure from the usually extravagant elaborate costumes, this truly marks is the end of the road for Erup. If the band does not get it right on this try, then they might as well pack it up and go home.

The rumours swirling around Erup with regard internal fighting, improper management, unresolved debt and designer problems are nothing new for any band or brand but they are surprising for such a young brand. There's more than one reason why Erup needs to get it right this time around.

The plus sized costume was a nice touch and the model for it was fierce, fit and fabulous. However the costume left much to be desired. When designing for plus sized women, designers must keep in mind that you cannot just upsize a regular garment. The whole garment must be reconstructed from the ground up with the body type in mind. As Tim Gunn from Project Runway once said, "There is no reason larger women can’t look just as fabulous as all other women. The key is the harmonious balance of silhouette, proportion and fit, regardless of size or shape. Designs need to be reconceived, not just sized up; it’s a matter of adjusting proportions."

There is absolutely no reason why plus-sized can't be sexy. Designers are just being lazy.

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The Bad

Everybody knows it and we are going to say it. By far, as well presented as this collection was, this was not Erup's best work. While the collection was solid enough to stand on its own and maintained the right proportions of feathers and design to keep masqueraders happy, it can't hold a candle to Erup's first year. By far, this was their weakest collection ever. But who knows, in their weakness may they finally find their footing and rise to become the big brand it was destined to be.

We may be nitpicking but the band launch lacked vibes as well before the costumes came out. However this can't be said to be Erup's fault. Patrons at launches aren't paying for a party, they are paying for the entertainment of being able to see costumes come down a runway. They want to be dazzled by costumes, see how they look and hold up first hand, how the models are and what the vibe is like from the band itself. That's why patrons stand like zombies before it begins and leave immediately after it ends. It's the bands fault for starting the process of making people pay for a launch. But in this economy who can afford to host a free launch like once before?

The Good

Our favorite section of this review because there was actually much to enjoy at the band launch.


There's a saying a good friend once told us, "Every day a bad bitch turns 18." Erup proved that last night. Baje girls who? The Erup models stomped the runway in the most ferocious fashion ever seen yet, none looking a day past 25. An immaculate collection of models with a never before seen range of diversity in skin colours, like a Fenty Beauty foundation colour palette.


From dark to light skin, it was refreshing to see such diversity on the runway that reflected the population of the island. Erup successfully killed the idea that fair skinned, long curly haired models were the necessary recipe for success at a band launch. A standing ovation to whoever selected these models, put them through their paces with the routine, taught them how to rip up a runway and look amazing while doing it. It is a leaf that many other bands can take from Erup.


As always, the setup and presentation was on point. That's one thing Erup has down pat. Stage lighting was on point. We cannot stress this enough. ON POINT. Erup deployed the traditional McCandless Method of lighting to optimum results. Many many other bands should take note because it worked very well. The models were put through their paces and performed exceedingly well in their presentations.

We really cannot stress how much the models made that band launch. They sold those costumes. The male models were neither here nor there to be honest, but they performed energetically and admirably plus it was nice to see a change from the musclebound ones who plodded down other band launch runways. Well done Erup. 

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One thing we love is to see a theme followed. Finally, somebody gets it. With a treasure theme, it was a nice touch to see all the costumes glittering and sparkling truly like some rare or hidden treasure. The section names all alluded to rare and expensive gems found across the world, also keeping in theme.

When the launch finally began and the models danced and the crowd got into the swing, the hype and the energy of the presentation, the energy increased triple-fold. The band brought life and energy to its presentation and gave people what they wanted to see. The energy remained in the air even after the launch finished which was a nice touch.

Five sections is a good start because it means that Erup can streamline its operations and focus on producing a quality product without getting tied down with too many areas to produce.  

Closing Thoughts

Erup got everything right, as they do at their band launches. Everything went right for them on that night, from the door, to the crowd, to the weather to the models. No power failures or caustic post-launch voicenotes. They couldn't ask for a better launch and it was one of their best to date.

However, Erup's challenge isn't the launch or the road. It's production, something Erup already knows. We know Erup's management is reading this so guys pay attention. Lock down your production. Get it on point, know when to shut it off in order to be able to meet demand accurately. Work on your band house service, your marketing and communication so that revellers don't feel confused or left out the loop. Run a tight ship because these costumes ain no overdo so production shouldn't be as time intensive as before but still it isn't a cause to relax.

If Erup screws it up this time they will have fatally damaged the brand beyond repair. They need to make it work and don't screw it up. The brand has a strong team and lots of potential but potential is nothing if it isn't realized and actualized. If the brand does not want to fall into mediocrity and obscurity they will press forward with everything they have in order to ensure a fantastic experience from start to finish.

Erup knows what it has to do. The question is, will it be able to do it?