2017 Bashment Soca Finalists #bazoBEATS

Bashment Soca is a movement that has swept Barbados and the Caribbean, the new boisterous kid on the block that has a wide array of both fans and detractors from all walks of society. The popularity of the genre seems to be unstoppable, coupled with the ramping up of the Bashment Soca competition for Crop Over 2017, powered by Yello. 

The second Yello Bashment Soca Competition takes things up a notch by offering the winner-takes-all prize of $50,000 BBD, a major incentive to all contestant vying for the crown. The final seven contestants will face off on Friday July 7th at Kensington Oval for Phenomenal Friday, where they will give their all for a chance to walk away with a crown, amazing prizes, a place in history, as well as serious bragging rights. The first ever Bashment Soca King, Stiffy has some serious stiff competition on his hands, particularly from talented lyricists such as Scrilla, coupled with the super popularity of other artist such as Marzville, Stabby, Lady Essence and Hardware.

The competition has come under some scriutiny, with some fans of artists who didn't make the cut for the competition complaining that the voting process was not transparent enough and demanding an official count. As the competition is only in its second year, it is expected that it will run into these teething issues until both the genre and the competition become more concrete and constant in their direction and trajectory. For now, problems aside, we look forward to watching the acts put down exciting performances on Phenomenal Friday.

Who do you think will walk away with the crown this year? 


Coopa Dan - Bare Trouble

Hardware - Popdown

Lady Essence - Fluffy Gal Anthem

Marzville - Gas It Up

Scrilla - Wood

Snap Brandy - Bend Ova & Ride

Stabby - Wukkist

Reigning Monarch:

Stiffy - Tip and Ben Ova