Crop Over 2017 Weekly Events

Weekly events are the backbone of any Crop Over season. In seasons past, before the hype of the one-off events, the weekly events were particularly anticipated, a way to hear new music, see live performances and generally have fun. No fancy dress was required, just short pants, sneakers, a rag, and your worst behaviour. People came out to fete and sweat, came out to have a good time for a fraction of the price of your favorite all-inclusive and generally had a blast. They were a chance to link up with all your friends and possibly even make new ones at different parties as you came to recongize familiar faces who loved soca and partyin as much as you. Weekly events were the way to get the most out of your Crop Over, starting sometimes from as early as May and running the entire season. 

Check out the list of weekly events happening for the season and don't forget to attend one or two and feel the real vibes of Crop Over.