Betty West Band Launch 2016


"I am in competition with myself." - Betty West

Crop Over 2016 has already shown that it is definitely not a one-sided festival and that there is something for everyone to embrace. Whether one is conservative or ostentatious, you are guaranteed to unearthed something just for you.

In a generation, where conventional costumes may seem outmoded and virtually on the verge of extinction, there are a few craftsmen and women out there carrying the cultural torch through gloomy pathways. Betty West happens to be one of those crafts women, who is celebrating her sliver jubilee this season. Glitz and glam were the order of the night as the veteran band leader rolled out the red carpet to showcase her 2016 presentation.

Although waiting for an exhausting three hours and some, Betty West showed why she is considered the leading mogul for the past 25 years. Dubbed 'Bajan Impact ' her 2016 presentation consisted of six patriotic sections. From paying tribute to drafts champion Mr. Ronald "Suki" King to taking us down memory lane to when Obadele Thompson won bronze at the 2000 Sydney Olympics to even paying homage to international superstar Rihanna. West brought the curtains down with an awe astounding section where she honoured Barbados's 50th independence anniversary fittingly entitled, Golden Jubilee. Here's a toast to another 25 years of authentic costume design and construction.

To each their own, last night clearly showed that there is still a fond love for traditional costumes for Kadooment. All can agree that many facets of the Crop Over festival has continue to develop through out the years, after all the only the thing constant is change. That being said, we must ensure that our culture is preserved and not allow brushing winds created by contemporary feathers stifle the flame of our heritage.

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