Happy Go Lucky

It was a downright display of confidence when Jump Promotions released official photographs of three of its seven Kadooment 2016 costume sections many weeks prior to the band’s May 7th launch. This was no mere sneak peek as is customary with bands who seek to whet the appetites of ravenous Crop Overites with views of an obscured costume in part, after which oglers are left with the task of deciphering, which part of the costume was shown and by extension the area of the human anatomy it would adorn. But instead, sneak peeks were banished at the hands of Jump’s full costume views. This was no surprise as last year Jump was one of the two pioneers of this full costume reveal movement and this season they indeed stayed true to form. Such a bold move may in fact tell tales of Jump’s sheer conviction in the strength of its brand and its Kadooment product as well as the band’s knowledge of the needs of its target market and the clear support from its devotees year in and year out. Furthermore, the argument that Jump is indifferent to competing bands is worthy of consideration. 

Jump’s surprising reveal did not deter patrons from attending its 10th anniversary launch nor did it dampen their enthusiasm to see the remaining four sections of its ‘Happy Go Lucky’ Kadooment 2016 offering. The Bagatelle Great House was packed and the energy was beyond amazing and completely infectious. Jump put on a show to be remembered. Others should take note. At no point did the production stray from the theme. The Fortune Cookie section distributed gifts containing fortunes as well as lucky lottery numbers. Lucky Leprechaun gave rainbow candy to those lucky enough to catch what was thrown. Trident’s Gold was heralded by an impressive fire display. Mega Jackpot Party offered edible gold coins. The theme was consistent throughout.

So too was the case with the costumes. Each embodied the Happy Go Lucky theme and each section design was a clear representation of its chosen name. Again, others should take note. The costumes were creative, charming and simple. After all, experience has taught us that large, elaborate, heavily embellished costumes are not Jump’s chosen style. Our favourite sections included: Three Wishes, Trident’s Gold and Cleopatra. Overall costume design was a definite step up from last year.

Jump Promotion’s launch was the first for the season where we were completely lost in the moment and transported directly to Kadooment Day. Everyone was happy, the models clearly were in the moment and the entire showcase embodied the true spirit of Crop Over. If this was a prelude of what is to be expected on Kadooment Day with Jump then patrons are in for a treat. 

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