Blue Box Cart is a force to be reckoned with for Crop Over 2016. It is a matter of truth proven at the launch of its Wanderlust-themed costume line at Harbour Lights on the evening of April 25th. And we say this not because we were wowed by an elaborate launch with an impressive set up. In fact, Blue Box Cart stayed true to its minimalist, stripped down mode of band launch operation - no frills, no bells, no whistles. But we say this because of the impressive display of costumes that undoubtedly topped those presented by the band last year.

A short glance and the frontine costumes spoke volumes for themselves; they were commendable across the board of seven sections. Towering headpieces accompanied by well-plumed backpacks were the order of the night. The latter were equally beautiful when viewed from the rear as attention was obviously directed to this part of the costume during the design process; a stance that we remain convicted that every costume designer should take. In this regard, notable sections included: Champagne Showers with it’s pink animal print finish as well as the multicoloured finish of Coachella. 

Bikinis and monokinis did not want for bling. Each were dazzling accentuated with an abundance of jewels that certainly caters to the Kadooment masquerader who craves glitz and glam. Including all sections, the colour combinations were eye-catching. To choose a favourite frontline costume would be a challenging undertaking but if we were forced to with threats of banishing Kadooment this year, we would quickly say that Champagne Showers stole the show.

The backline costumes were more or less nuanced but still commendable in their own right. Male costumes were uniform and simple in design, varying only in colour but were worn by males who were obviously familiar to the crowd and were clear as to what it took to get them excited and keep them interested. 

Blue Box Cart we see you. You are one to watch and as far as the running for best costumes go as Band Launch Season progresses, you are one of the front-runners. It will be a joy to see these costumes in the heat of the sun on Grand Kadooment Day. 

For more information about Blue Box Cart as well as costume prices and package details, visit:

Facebook: Harbour Lights Beach Bar & Dinner Show
Instagram: @blueboxcart