Day Two Launch 2016

Not one but TWO!

Guess what? It's no longer a secret anymore. We craved it and asked for it for a very long time and now it is finally here….DAY TWO! A second Jump Up Day and it promises to be as twice as nice.

A few weeks after their digital debut, on Saturday April 23rd DAY TWO put their phase two element into motion. It was a night of Two’s. Situated on the roof deck of Ocean Two Resort and Residences, where it was just patrons, good vibes and the sultry stars of the night sky, DAY TWO showcased their astonishing costumes with a well choreographed routine. 

With nine fantastic sections to choose, DAY TWO intends to take patrons down the wukking up, waving and chipping road. Well we might not know which road as yet exactly but it's guaranteed to be phenomenal. With that being said, as the Crop Over festival evolves each year by slowly contouring in every slight way possible, we definitely welcome a second day to do dixie pun de road with open arms.

Registration has been officially opened so visit any of the following mediums for more information.

IG: @dm.celebrations
Facebook: DM Celebrations