Fantasy Barbados Launch 2016

As standard with Crop Over recently, Fantasy Barbados sets the pace and the bar as they set the ball rolling for the season. On Saturday 9th April, Fantasy presented their collection for Crop Over 2016, under the theme Utopia. Regrettably, Fantasy could not top themselves this time, unable to surpass the excessive production quality and the iconic elevator stage setup from their Crop Over 2015 presentation. With a stage reminiscent of a fashion show, Fantasy seemed to be angling towards its 2012 pared down presentation, which we welcome. Simplicity coupled with high quality presentations was always Fantasy’s forte.

The audience was not given an introduction to each section neither were we whipped into a frenzy before the presentation, after being left waiting for over an hour after the advertised show time. Nevertheless, Fantasy did bring out a strong collection, featuring many gorgeous models, large headpieces and backpacks and a variety of options. Gone are the Individual costumes and celebrity introductions of the past. Fantasy seemed to be looking to focus more on a honed, quality presentation in the face of austere times in Barbados.

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