Kontact Band Launch 2016

In Kadooment band launches past and the never publicly stated but obvious race to be deemed the band with the best costumes, Kontact would have paled in comparison to its competitor who also launched on the night of April 9th. But clearly, after such a spectacular costume display, Kontact has inadvertently taught us that we must not dwell in the past; their newly rebranded band must be considered a luxurious Kadooment staple.

Kontact surprised and at the same time wowed us with their diverse display of costumes. From towering wings to gorgeous colour combinations and feathers, jewels, beads and more feathers, each section was memorable; proving it quite a challenge to chose a favourite design. Even the backline costumes, which are often regrettably the least jaw-dropping of most costume lines, were applaudable. 

Of note, and perhaps an inquiry that only Kontact themselves can clarify, it was quite interesting that the Bajan Queen section was red, blue and white in colour, much reminiscent of the Union Jack. Accordingly we must ponder why the departure from Barbados’ national colours blue, yellow and black was thought necessary.

Unfortunately, amidst such an impressive costume showing, the band launch in its entirety did have a few downfalls, which catapulted us back to last year’s launch. First off, similar to 2015, the setup of the venue was lacking in character and did not do justice to such beautiful costumes. The stage was also too low and prevented patrons from viewing the costumes adequately. Many complained that at the point from which they were standing, they were only able to view headpieces. Secondly, the late start without any announcement from the DJ or MC left the very large crowd to stand around noticeably hot and seemingly unentertained. 

However, all things considered, Kontact has improved tremendously and we must applaud them for choosing to have a public band launch this time around; as is the form that we strongly believe all band launches should take.

Visit Facebook Kontact Band or Instagram @kontactbandbarbados for costume prices and registration details.

Photos by: Damian Small Photography