2017 Sweet Soca Semifinalists #bazoBEATS

The 2017 Sweet Soca Semifinalists have been announced! The sweet 16 will go up for battle on July 7th at Phenomenal Friday, at the Kensington Oval. The tunes really are sweet this year, with each song being worthy in their own right, but only 8 can go forward to the final round at Soca Royale at Bushy Park on Sunday, July 30th, to face off against the reigning Sweet Soca Monarch, Edwin Yearwood.

Which song do you think will be grabbing the Sweet Soca title? Let us know in the comments section below!

Here are the 2017 Sweet Soca Semifinalists in the order in which they will be performing on Phenomenal Friday:

1. Red Plastic Bag - Boat Ride

2. Damian Marvay - Antidote

3. Faith - Refill

4. Statement - We Nah Leaving

5. Nikita - Same Way

6. T.C. - Paradise

7. Natahlee - Nevah Let U Go

8. Sanctuary - Pick Me Up

9. Shaquille - Collateral 

10. Shirley Stuart - I Can't Help It

11. Kirk Brown - Incredible Girl

12. Mistah Dale - De Ting Start

13. Fadda Fox - Good Ole Days

14. Mr. Blood - Look Fuh Me

15. Lil Rick - Blessing

16. Marzville - Give It To Ya

Reserve: Mikey - Level Up