2017 Party Monarch Semifinalists #bazoBEATS

The 2017 Party Monarch semifinalists have been announced, the 16 competitors who will come out to do battle on July 7th for Phenomenal Friday at Kensington Oval.  The numbers have been pulled and we have listed them in the order that they will appear on Phenomenal Friday. The finalists who move forward from this round will go forward to battle the reigning monarch Lil Rick at Soca Royale on July 30th. 

Who do you have to move forward to the next round? Let us know your thoughts! #bazoBEATS

1. Queen T - Enchanted

2. Peter Ram - Upside Down

3. Jahm-R - Make A Wave 

4. Scribz - Waistline Tek Ova

5. Gorg - If Ah Drunk Ah Drunk

6. Mikey - Feting and Brass

7. Saffiyah - Tun Up

8. Mistah Dale - Soca Famaleez

9. Sim Simma - Professional Gals

10. Kirk Brown - Shake

11. Faith - Run It

12. Ras Iley & Grynner -  D 2 Ah We

13. Ramases - Fowl Cock

14. Nik-man - Whinning Tusty

15. Holla Bak - Hold De Key

16. Mr. Blood - Leggo